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The Need

As peak oil, global warming and other factors increase the frequency and severity of natural disasters and create unacceptable costs and interruptions in our energy supply; the demand for a clean lower-cost source of energy and higher transportation efficiencies is unprecedented with no alternative fuel solution in sight. As Matt Simmons, Chairman of Simmons & Company - the World's largest energy investment bank has said, “There's no combination of alternative fuels that will allow us to continue our quality of life.”1 In addition to curtailing the growth of a world of negative issues that 2007 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Al Gore has said are approaching “planetary crisis” levels, lower clean energy costs can be directly translated to many new opportunities and improved quality of life for everyone on the planet.

In spite of this however as a potential long term energy replacement technology, is there a strategic foundation in this new energy source development area that has A) mainstream science support to more easily establish IP and reality, B) has an adequate defense basis for security control of this technology direction with other defense-related improvements, and C) can be a non-threatening economic and technology direction for the masses? Energetics' believes the answer is Yes on all of these issues when their gravity beam project - their first project being proposed for outside investment is considered.

The Opportunity, Goal and Plan

The project proposes to replicate and enhance the second (or non-rotating) gravity beam experiment reported by E. Podkletnov and G. Modanese.2 The high strength beam equation in this experiment was derived from Einstein's renowned General Relativity theory. Two leading American scientists in gravity waves from IASSPES and LSU have agreed to construct the specialized components and equipment to complete this project with Energetics under pre-arranged terms. The opportunity provides a possible fundamental IP position for gravity control which can enable application breakthroughs. Mainstream science also supports this approach as a “ source of new energy” with possible “implications to air and space travel ”.

Energetics' goal is to receive $500K to $1M in this first major round of financing for the above project, with the amount above the minimum available for contingencies, follow-on IPR and upside R&D projects. The relatively straightforward HFGW/RF (high frequency gravity wave / radio frequency) communications enhancement application alone of the potential IP has been independently estimated at $50B NPV on the low side of a potential ten-year income stream.

Qualified investors and strategic partners who have signed a non-disclosure agreement will be able to see specifics of the above opportunity and its basis, as well as details of this plan. The goal is to create a multiple of value to short term investors within 3-4 years and higher growth for long term investors. A high degree of emphasis is on technology that is scalable and applicable to multiple markets including communications, defense, electric power generation and transportation.


1. “The End of Suburbia” DVD, Gregory Greene, Director; Microcinema, 2004.

2. “Investigation of high voltage discharges in low pressure gases through large ceramic superconducting electrodes”, J. Low Temp. Phys. 132 239-259 (2003).